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10 Annoying Things People Do

By Shaleen Narula

We come across different kinds of people every day. Some we manage to tolerate but others just get on our nerves. So here are 10 things that people do unintentionally or intentionally that annoys others around.

1. Could you be louder? I am kind of Deaf!!

You come back after a long tiring day and enter the lift of your housing society getting through the whole day and looking forward to peace. Just when this unimaginably loud woman enters the lift and steals your moment of peace and turns it into a migraine you will have for the next hour. She will blabber about things, from how Mrs. Kakkar was totally wearing a wig in the kitty party today to how she has gained so much of weight, so busy in loudly expressing herself that she totally forgets you are in the same lift that was so quiet before she came in. Yeah! That was the best thing that could happen to you in the day.

1)	Could you be louder? I am kind of Deaf!!

2. Is someone dying on that Metro?

You go to the metro station and stand in the queue to board the next metro. As soon as the metro stops People come hording in like a Drove of cattle without waiting for others to get down. And if you have luggage, God bless your soul.

If you do manage to get in and find a seat for yourself after the battle. BEWARE. Rest of the cattle that is going to come in the next station would stand over your head and stare at you till you finally reach the destination metro station. Seriously people what happened to being civilized?

2)	Is someone dying on that Metro?

3. Yes your highness! Feel free to admire the creations of God.

Yes, we understand that you want to enjoy the weather and talk about nature’s beauty while strolling through the sidewalk. But let the other people through. They will talk amongst themselves looking everywhere and analyzing everything in their own dream world but won’t realize the fact that there are people walking behind that are in a hurry. This behavior makes people in the metro less annoying.

3)	Yes your highness! Feel free to admire the creations of god

4. Do I know you?

If I’ve never met you before then it’s obvious that I don’t know you. So don’t waste your brain cells into thinking of people whom we might know in common or places we might have been together at some point of time. What is wrong with just keeping your thoughts to yourself?

Do I know you?

5. Posts on Facebook

“Somebody wants you..Somebody needs you..Somebody dreams about you every single night”. Yes we know that “somebody” is you and we also know that it’s a song!! Seriously if nothing else at least be original about your Facebook posts.

5)	Posts on Facebook

6. Singing in the public transport

Yes, we too are big music listeners but we prefer if you keep your music to yourself. We don’t want to know how talented you are when it comes to singing after a long tiring day of work in office. It’s not much to ask. Right ?

6)	Singing in the public transport

7. Mind that Foot

Is it not hard enough to travel in the crowded public transport? And you add the icing to the cake by stomping on to our feet. Even if it was an accident my friend, Why can’t you just be careful? It’s a humble request ladies Don’t wear those high Heels if you can’t handle where they are going some of us might get end up with a foot less because of your “mistake”.

7)	Mind that Foot

8. Want me dead? Just say it out loud!

Why on earth would you talk on the phone while driving when it is one of the major reasons of car accidents these days? You don’t value your life its fine but others want to live. So do us a favor, don’t slow down or make sloppy turns with one hand because there’s your cell phone in other one.

8)	Want me dead? Just say it out loud!

9. Please once is enough.

One of the most annoying and stupid things people do while in a lift is pressing the lift button again and again. Honestly, it won’t speed the lift up. So give it a rest and have mercy on the lift buttons.

Please once is enough.

10. Spoiler Alert

You plan on going for the new SCI-FI movie that hit the theatres this weekend or probably watching the new episode of a TV series you are following.  And just when the world couldn’t see you happy somebody you know drops by and tells you the plot of the same. Yes, this is exactly what you needed for the “fun at movies weekend”.







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