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10 Signs You are Obsessed with Bigg Boss

By Mehvish M

1.After watching the premiere episode, you are like, “ Ye kinko laya ha, bakwas hoga bigg boss is baar”

yeh kaun hai
But, after 2 weeks you are like “maza agaya.. is baar ka bigg boss acha hoga :P”

2.You religiously wait for 9 pm.

9 bhej gaye

3. You want to know who’s the man behind boss’s voice.

dear god

4. You always sympathize with the foreign contestants .. “Awwwww Bichare kya karenge, nah hindi ati ha na kuch “

awww bechara

5. Monday Means Nominations.

she was your friend

6. Weekends Mean Salman Khan. *Droooling*

Salman khan is the best host EVER.

salman fan

7. You just love the FIGHTS.

big boss fight

8. You always compare the contestants with previous season contestants. “Imam jaisa kabhi koi a hi nahi sakta”.

big boss previous conteststants

9. Your WhatsApp conversations change to “Bigg boss dekha? “

big boss dekha funny

10. You firmly believe you could be a better contestant than current contestants..

big boss i am

But then you realize that would involve showing you poking your nose on national Tv .

big boss timeout


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