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15 Reasons why Arvind Kejriwal is the perfect husband material.

To begin with

like arvind kejriwal

Mr. Kejriwal

1. Arvind Kejriwal is real. He is not perfect but he is always himself. Being yourself  is what makes you attractive.  Women like REAL MEN because

Arvind kejriwal real man

#AAPSweep? Ring a bell? 🙂

Also, a real man will be honest no matter what or how painful the situation is.

2. Arvind Kejriwal is honest. Way too honest. Honesty can be hard, which is why it needs all the encouragement it can get.

women honest man



You might have heard his honesty wale jokes on social media . Two of them are:

Kejriwal is so honest that he cooks maggi only for 2 minutes.

Kejriwal is so honest that he always removes USB safely.

3. He has a good sense of humor. A guy with a good sense of humor is like a jackpot! Everyone wants a good laugh now and then. If you’re funny, you are automatically 79% more attractive.

woman prefer sense of humour


4. He is loving/caring/ family oriented. He has got it all. He’s not a kind of person who’s so involved in political affairs that he’ll abandon his family. His family holds an equal importance as his political position. He cherishes his family members. In his victory speech, Mr. Kejriwal thanked his wife Sunita for standing by him through all the years. We have also seen him taking his parents’ Ashirwaad every time. He’s a good son.



5.  He hugs.  C’mon who doesn’t love hugs? Hugs were invented to let people know you love them without having to say anything.



6. He is a good listener. Sometimes all you need is someone who listens – listens to your feelings. Someone who doesn’t mind when you pour your heart out to them.

good listener


7. He is committed. Talk about commitment? Jan LokPak Bill..CAG Audit ..



8. He is Intelligent . A mechanical engineer from IIT Kharagpur.  An IAS qualified. An ex income-tax know what that means– yes, highly intelligent and hard working person. His reputation precedes him.

Intelligent kejriwal9. He is humble. Men are kind of a big deal. They usually cross the line between confidence and arrogance. But, Arvind Kejriwal is very humble. Victories usually go to your head but with AK it’s not true. Even after massive victory in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal told party workers not to be arrogant.


10. He is well mannered. You might have noticed he uses “ji”, a notation of respect in India, after every name he takes.

Good manners

 11. He loves kids. A man who loves kids..BONUS!!

Arvind-Kejriwal-meets-a-kid12. He admits his mistake. He’s a kind of person who is not ashamed of his mistakes. He acknowledges them, learns from them and pledges not to repeat them. Who does that? A gentleman.



13. He sings. Music is known to release tension and so is singing. His wife is quite lucky. 😉


14. He is thankful. The world is full of husbands who forget what their wives do for them. Sacrifices they make. But this is not the case with Arvind Kejriwal. He’s different. He remembers and is thankful to his wife.


He also thanked the people of Delhi for their support and enthusiasm.

15. And last but not the least, he will never badmouth you, even after you break up. He finds good in people and ignores the bad things about them. Remember Kiran Bedi, Shazia Bedi ? He never said a word against them.



Author: Mehvish Mushtaq & Taiyeba Fayaz.

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