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15 Short Stories That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

1. You live alone and get home after a long day’s work. You reach for the light switch, but there is already a hand there.
2. My daughter keeps crying and screaming all night. I visited her grave and told her to stop, but she doesn’t stop.
3. I found a picture of me sleeping in my phone. I live alone.
4. I heard a knock on the glass. I thought it was some twigs on my windows. Then I realised it was coming from the mirror.
5. I love cats. But I hate the sound of cats scratching on my door especially when I don’t have any pets.
6. I was tucking my son to bed when he asked me to check under the bed. He thought there was someone there. I played along and checked there. There was someone, who looked exactly like my son telling me, “Dad, there is someone in my bed”.
7. I heard my mom calling me from downstairs urgently. I was running towards my mom when someone caught hold of me and pulled me aside and told, “I also heard that dear”. It was my mother.
8. My wife woke me up one night saying that there are intruders in the house. She died at the hands of an intruder, two years back.
9. I was afraid of darkness and used to leave my light on. My parents asked me to get rid of it. But I never did. So they used to switch it off after i slept. Once alone at home, i put the light on, watched a horror movie and went off to sleep. I became afraid when i woke up in the middle of the night to see that someone had switched off the lights.
10. My cat used to stare at me always. I recently discovered that my cat was always staring at something behind me.
11. “I can’t sleep”, she whispered and crawled into the bed with me. I woke up cold, clutching the dress she was buried in.
12. There is nothing like the laughter of a baby in your house. Unless you are home alone.
13. In all the times I’ve lived alone in this house, I swear I have closed more doors than I have opened.
14. She asked why I was breathing heavily. And I wasn’t.
15. The last man on earth was sitting alone in a room. Someone knocked on the door.

source: sunnyskyz.comthoughtcatalog

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