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4 Cases of What Might Happen on Your First Night After Marriage

CASE 1 – Arranged Marriage With A Stranger

This is that particular scenario, where you know nothing about your wife, and your wife knows nothing about you. Your family members got together and both of you got married in a jiffy.

In this scenario, if it were me, I would like to talk to her. I would try to understand her. I would try to get to know her completely.

I am pretty sure that what her mind offers would be much more interesting than what her body offers. Her life stories of the past 25 years would be much more fascinating than the ten minutes coitus.

I, honestly, would be more engrossed in the stories that I narrate to her, and would satisfactorily watch her facial expressions, when she is listening with rapt attention to my enthralling autobiography.

It would be my honour to take a peek into her thoughts, observations & opinions and I would love to get stimulated by our discussions and debates.

And when the mood is in, and when we both are comfortable with each other, and when she gives the signal, then, and only then, shall we sleep with each other.

CASE 2 – Arranged Marriage But Not A Stranger

This is that case, when your parents and relatives have arranged the wedding, but you both date for a while (Maybe 6 months or a year) trying to get to know each other, and once you both like each other emotionally, mentally and psychologically, then would have got married.

In this case, you already know everything about each other. You know her history, her tastes, her likes, her dislikes, her opinions, her thoughts. Everything.

What is left is just physical intimacy.

So, during my first night, in an arranged marriage scenario, where I know everything about the girl, I would love to make love to her. We shall be passionate, excited and packed with sensuality.

The feeling that you get when you have sex with that one person whom you understand completely, and with whom you know that you are going to grow old with, is just inexplicable. You know that she is yours forever, and you are hers forever, and when the two bodies combine, it combines the two souls too.

The first night when two mutually-compatible ones engage in physical erotic activities, is the pathway to liberation of the soul and unleashing the mind.

So, yes, we shall have sex all night long. Slow, passionate, sensual sex with loads of love.

CASE 3 – Love Marriage & Long Distance Relationships

This is that case, where you have found your true love, without any help from your family elders, but have been in a long distance relationship for too long.

In such cases, you know everything about her, and she knows everything about you. You can see the connection and you love the connection that you two have. But, you did not have any physical intimacy at all. There were no hugs, no kisses, no peck-on-the-cheeks, no hand-holding, nothing.

You have not seen her smile in real life, you have not stared at her for long, and you have not cuddled with each other. The two bodies did not connect at all, but your minds did.

So, as soon as you are married, you tend to release the pent-up sexual tension immediately. All those physical cravings that you two had towards each other for all those years, would suddenly burst on that night.

Atleast, I would have had wild, violent, animal sex with her, because none of us is able to control the tension that was stored in us all this while. When the two bodies that were meant to be with each other, have met after such a long time, there is bound to be some violent reaction.

This is raw, jungle, wild natural sex laden with passion, love bites and more! 😀

CASE 4 – Love Marriage and No LDR

That scenario, where you and your wife have been in love for a long time. And were with each other for a long time too. You both have hugged, kissed, held hands, took long walks, and maybe had sex too. You both understand each other well, you both know about each other completely and you both have already shared all your stories.

So, the wedding night is just another night for you two, except that you two are legally Husband and Wife. But, everything else would be the same, maybe a bit more emotional.

If both of you were saving up for this night, then you both would have normal, good, quiet sex. If not, then you both would have normal sex, but now as a married couple.

No need to talk all night, as you have already done all that for such a long time. No need to have wild, passionate sex, because you both are already close, physically. And no need to sit and plan the future too, as even that would have been done already!

So, that is all the cases I can think of right now.
But, I need to say something, all that I have written till now was BULL SHIT. Do not take my word for it. There are no cases. There are no scenarios in real life. There is no strategy, and there is no plan.

You cannot decide what you would like to do during the first night. Anything can happen, and nothing can happen too! One can never be too sure about it, and making a detailed plan might just backfire.

What if, in the 1st Case, your stranger wife wants to have sex badly, and all you do is talk? That would look so bad.

And what if, in the 3rd Case, your wife wants to talk about the future? And all you do is unzip your pants?? You would look like a potential rapist.

So, my advice is, DO NOT PLAN ANYTHING in advance. Whatever happens, will happen. Do not over think about it. So, no need to fret over it.

After the wedding, during your first night, just ask your wife – “Talk or Sex?” Whatever she says, do that. You will have a happy life.

That is all! All that you need to think about is, her permission!

If she wants to talk, talk! If she wants to cuddle, cuddle! If she wants to have sex, then have sex!


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