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6 Bizarre Food Delicacies Around the Globe


Raw Octopus: Eating raw fish is a foodie trend that has been exported from the East and adopted across much of the world with open arms.Tentacles sucking onto fingers, lips and cheeks, it proved to be quite tricky to get any of the eight legs into their mouths.But eating live octopus might be taking things a little too far but not for these brave visitors to a food festival in Seoul, South Korea.Tentacles sucking onto fingers, lips and cheeks, it proved to be quite tricky to get any of the eight legs into their mouths.



Baby Farming: Can you believe that the human fetus below one year is in the menu? Yes it is true. In Taiwan, Laos, North Korea eating of baby fetus is allowed. It is very delicious there. The communist leaders eat this food for long life and greater sexual power. Baby farming for consumption is allowed there.



Black Dog Meet: The Dog meat which is consumed in the regions of Nagaland and Mizoram, is apparently costlier than Chicken meat! The meat is cooked in a superbly spicy way and the locals love the preparations. In north east during the festival a black dog is kept hungry for days and in the D-day it is fed with lots of rice. Then they put a bamboo in his mouth and make it vomit. Then this vomit is collected and given to the invites before main course. Then that dog is killed and prepared for food.Mostly they like black dog.



Frog legs: These are a delicacy among the Lepchas community of Sikkim. The dish is also known to have medicinal qualities. Prepared in multiple ways, it is believed that frog legs can cure various stomach related diseases.



Phan Pyut: Rotten potato. Yes, you read that right. And there are people who love eating this, consider it delicious. Potatoes are not harvested when they are ripe but left untouched till they rot. The rotten potatoes are picked and then are either consumed in their natural form or cooked or treated with spices before eating. Eaten in many parts of North East India, Phan Pyut is good add-on in regular meal.



Sheep’s head: This has been a traditional delicacy served in a number of world regions, including the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.The eyeballs and tongue are particular delicacies.


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