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5 Shameful Brands Who Used Even an Earthquake as a Marketing Strategy

This is how humanity will meet it’s end.

As an Earthquake hit India and Nepa, our beloved brands dint leave even this opportunity to cash in. One word for them: Disgusting.

Its sad to see sheer insensitivity towards the clamity. They should get real and realize tragedies are not for brands to leverage.

1. Lenskart

Lenskart right after Nepal earthquake used the earthquake as a reference to advertise their products through sms campaigns.

Lenskart earthquake

2. Scoopwhoop

Scoopwhoop which already had no shame copying buzzfeed, more shamefully assumed that’s exactly what people wanted to read after the Earthquake.

scoopwoop earthquake

3. Olacabs

They were not doing any help tweeting about IPL matches when people’s conscience was shaken by Earthquake. 

olacabs earthquake

4. NDTV Good Times

We let you decide how bad this tweet by  NDTV Good times is.

ndtv goodtime earthquake

5. Wechat

When chaos and fear is  all around, do they really think we would use wechat to connect with our loved ones.

wechat earthquake

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