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8 reasons why men cheat in a relationship


1. If the partner is annoying and nagging

It may seem that they are now living with a completely different person than the one the first became involved with. A male partner may say, “She was so much fun to be around when we first met. All she does now is nag.”

nagging wife


2. Sex isn’t exciting with the partner

When most of the time they hear is “Honey I am so tired, what I would really love is a spoon or a cuddle.”



3. When men can think they can get away

Some women just do believe anything what their partners say to them becuase they are in so in love with them and when men think they can probably get away with it , THEY WILL DO IT.

loving wife


4. When an opportunity is there

If a women does offer a man sex on a plate,  chances are he might take it.

seduce a man


5. Men love challenges 

Its a fact men love challenge and as a girlfriend you are no longer a challenge, in short men love to chase.


6. Some men have too many options

Some men cheat because they  have too many options, don’t know how much this happens unless he looks like Bradd pitt. If the situation does arise when many women want to fool around with him he probably needs a vagina to eject that.

7. He fell out of love with you.

This is actually not funny and this sucks, he fell out of love with you

8. If she is critical about him

Quite a lot of girlfriends are critical of their boy friends like ” Look their is no easy way to say this but this is too small for me”. If your partner feels not so special by being criticized all the time he might wander.

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