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A World of Unbelievable and Shocking Superstitions!

Here’s a list of the most shocking and weird superstitions across the World. One might have a hard time believing them, but they sure as hell are true!

The World has progressed and completely changed since the ancient times. Most of the ancient cultures have been buried and done away with. Surprisingly though, what hasn’t been lost is the belief in superstitions. Such beliefs have been transferred from one generation to another and continue to exist even in the 21st century!
Even today, unbelievable and shocking superstitions are practiced in large parts of the World. To know more about such beliefs, read on!


In Russia, it is believed that giving a bouquet of even numbered flowers to a girl is a sign of death. Well, in that case a dozen roses is indeed a bad idea!


This Japanese tradition states that if three people have been photographed together, the one in the middle will be the first to die. Oops!


Turks are known for their weird and alarming superstitions but the one that stands out is the belief that a person should never chew gum after it is dark. This is because the gum is believed to be flesh of dead. Yikes!

South Korea

According to a superstition in South Korea, sleeping in a room where the fan is switched on, will lead to death. Maybe that’s why timer fans are a favourite here!


If good luck is what one needs in Mexico, they should walk around with a rabbit’s tail in their pockets. Ugh, gross alert!


One of the most believed superstitions in Korea is that, if a person writes someone’s name in red ink, they will die. Isn’t this extremely harsh?


While passing through a graveyard in Japan, one should tuck in their thumbs to protect their parents. This is because the thumb literally means ‘parent finger’ in Japanese. Hence, not following this custom will be a bad omen for the parents.

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