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Woman Unknowingly Tweets Death of Her Husband

It began at 2:11 p.m. PST in 2013, when a Washington state woman, Caran Johnson retweeted the Columbian Metrodesk’s coverage about the accident, keeping her followers updated. In a series of gut-wrenching tweets on Wednesday that grew more frantic, the mother first tweeted how horrible

Fart Facts You Didn’t Know

You produce about 500 to 1500 milliliters of gas per day, and expel it in 10 to 20 farts Farts get their noxious smell from just 1% of the gas you expel. which means 99 percent of the gas you produce does not smell!! Fart

Nirbhaya insulted: People Comment

People get outraged seeing BBC’s documentary on Nirbhaya’s rapists. But the question still remains, are we really risking turning a rapist into the Twitter celebrity of the day? Here are some of the hawwwful comments voiced out:   Instead Of #IndiasDaughter, RAPISTS Hanging Should Be

Really Crazy Hotel Signs

Here is a collection of really crazy hotel signs that are bound to make you giggle. Are you up for staying at this one? Men will be men, anywhere;) Paying the fine part is scary! Now that’s an honest one. We wonder who stays here:P