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If Gautam Gambhir Was a Kashmiri, This Would Happen

Author of the article is Co-Founder and Founder Gautam Gambhirs childhood in Kashmir would have been like As he would have grown older in his 90s He always wanted to be a cricketer But one day when Gambhir was at his home in

Types of Women You Should Think Twice Before Dating

We meet many women as we live our life. We date few, befriend some and let many in your life just be as Others.  The women we date have major impact on our lives, as you will agree on this, so next time you plan

Here’s why India’s best bet is to Let Kashmir Go

So Kashmir is on boil yet again. The same cycle continues, Army kills Kashmiri> people protest> Army kills more Kashmiris in return> Kashmiri social media goes in mourning and Azadi sentiments are raised>State Government goes in hiding> Indian Media bluntly ignores the killings of Kashmiris. Below is

“How To Kiss” in India

When you go on google search, and type how to, one of the suggestions it gives you is that how to kiss. I wondered I never searched for this why would it show this suggestion to me. That made me wonder is it like one

My Girlfriend Was Raped When She Was 12

As you must know rape at that age can traumatize anyone! She was no different. During the initial stages of our relationship she was very moody, and very insecure. I always found it draining, I did not break it up because she was so very

My cousin was jailed for 3 days …You wont believe why

My cousin was jailed for 3 days…for pointing out that his wife was having a couple of extra marital affairs. Beat that! What I am going to share is applicable for everybody in India. I urge everybody should read this start-to-finish at least once. This