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Beta Shadi Karlo..Beta Shadi Karlo…WTF

Beta Shadi Karlo..Beta Shadi Karlo …. NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII If you are an Indian and unfortunately in your mid or late 20s  you must have been surely mentally, emotionally, psychologically and publicly harassed by your parents, by your relatives, by your married cousins and also even by your

Meet The Real Life Spiderman

He started climbing from 2006 and has now 9 years experience in rock climbing. He started practicing and creating all these achievements from young age of 9 without the help of any coach. He says he has been inspired by actions of monkeys thats why

Can An Expensive Car Help You Get Laid? YES IT MAY

The myth that by having a nice, expensive car or SUV, you’ll attract more women seems to be proved true by these 2 social experiments. Experiment 1 with a Lamborghini. 2. Experiment 2 with a Buggati

Timeline of Foreigner Rapes in India

We all must have heard the phrase “Atithi Devo Bhawa” which means Guest is God. Few years back even the Ministry of Tourism started to use this phrase as a tagline to safeguard cultural heritage along with encouraging safetfy for foreign vistors. But despite these


Why shutting down the Myntra Website is a Bad Idea.

On May 1, Myntra will go mobile-only and shut down its website. This is a bad idea. It’s annoying when a webpage shows a pop to download an app, now imagine having to DOWNLOAD an app just to browse the site. Myntra is turning its customers away

How To Raise A Rapist

1. Treat your boy as prince & girls like slave in front of him. 2. Hit & abuse women in front of him. 3. Keep reminding him that girls are not equal. 4. Give him complete freedom to do anything he wishes. 5. Make female

Dear Men, Please don’t make us hate you.

Before reading this, please note that I’m not a misandrist. I love Men – with all their bro codes, their style conscious attitude, fitness quotient thing, etc. But there are things they need to know they’re doing wrong. I have a hard time understanding what