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pani puri

Pani puri – Things you didn’t know about it

Origin: The pani puri originated from the Magadha region of India, present day South Bihar where it is also known as phulki. [Source wikipedia] Different Names: Pani puri is popularly also known as Gol Gappa. In different places panipuri has different names like Pani-Puri in Maharashtra, Pani Ke Patashe

noida guy

Letting him go unpunished is as good as defending his act.

Date: 3rd September 2014 Location: Noida, Sector 62 intersection (Towards NH-24) Time: Between 5:00 PM and 5:15 PM By Achint Sharma The moment I took a right turn towards the intersection on NH24, I saw this young guy on a bike (DL4SBK 5461), without a helmet,