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searches for women

Shocking Searches About Women in Delhi, Bangalore & Mumbai

We at Hawww wanted  to find out what our society has on mind when they go online to search for women, so we did a research and found  some shocking searches about women. We conducted the research on 3 major cities: Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Below are the

facebook arrest

5 Crazy Things That Happen Only in India

By Sidharth Kriplani All the countries have their own list of crazy things which are done only there. If you will explore the streets of “THE INCREDIBLE INDIA”, you will easily find “hard-to-miss” things that are a part of our daily lives , like: 1.

delhi in one line

If You Had to Define Delhi in One-Line

  If you had to define Delhi in one line what would it be? We found few lines in which people define Delhi. If you can define Delhi in one line do leave a comment. Where lifestyle is larger than life, and life is hollow.