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Nirbhaya insulted: People Comment

People get outraged seeing BBC’s documentary on Nirbhaya’s rapists. But the question still remains, are we really risking turning a rapist into the Twitter celebrity of the day? Here are some of the hawwwful comments voiced out:   Instead Of #IndiasDaughter, RAPISTS Hanging Should Be

orkut memories

Things You Will Never Forget About Orkut

It is true that we care and respect only when someone or something is lost. As Orkut is closing here are the few memories of orkut that you will never forget. SCRAPS  TESTIMONIALS  CRUSH NOTIFIER COMMUNITIES  RATING  RECENT VISITORS  ORKUT FONTS   FANS  

kaise kaise dost

Epic things your dad must have said to you

Your Father probably must have told you many things, here are the few epic things your dad must have said. Aage ka kya soncha hai   Tum Galat Sangat me ho    Kitne paise mangta hai    Padho varna agaye jake chane bhecho gey Ask