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Child Prodigies That Will Make You Question Your Own Capabilities!

By Sanira Mediratta

Here’s a unique and mind blowing (literally) list of child geniuses that will make you question your own capabilities. Be it dancing or body building, these young people are better than most of the adults.

Though all children are a blessing in disguise, some of them even possess inhuman talents. From making one’s eyes pop out to securing positions in World Record Lists, these children are known for their unusual and unbelievable capabilities. Prodigies like them are sure to impress one and all. Watch and be inspired!

3 Year Old Lilly

This little girl is not only extremely cute but can also recognise all the places on the world map. In the video, watch her point the exact location of various places. What a genius indeed! Is this what you did as a 3 year old? Surely, not.

Sophia Lucia

Sophia Lucia is an 11 year old girl, who is an inspiration for all the dancers. This dancing sensation did 54 pirouettes back in 2012 and is now a professional dancer. Watch her videos to get inspired!

Guliano Stroe

Now 10, this confident young boy seems to be training since his birth. His official YouTube account has videos of him body building since age 5. What a shocker. He is surely stronger than a lot of us!

Aelita Andre

Painting since she was 3 years old, she is now a well known artist. At the mere age of 7 she is often compared to renowned artists like Pablo Picasso and Dali. You will have to see it to believe it!

These young gifted people have magical and delightful talents, which have made them famous all around the world. All of us could indeed take lessons of will power and determination from them!

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