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Dear Men, Please don’t make us hate you.

Before reading this, please note that I’m not a misandrist. I love Men – with all their bro codes, their style conscious attitude, fitness quotient thing, etc. But there are things they need to know they’re doing wrong.
I have a hard time understanding what makes them think they are better than women? Why feel the need to compare themselves to women? Why look upon them as some second class people? Why the double standards?
I agree men and women are equal but not the same. But, does this give them the right to treat the opposite as a second class person?
Here are a few things men need to work on:

1. Ego: Men need to work on their egoism and be more altruistic. “Mai mard hun” is their favourite reply. “Arey ho toh hum kya karen?! “Also their “ego” is torn to pieces when a girl rejects them. Arey yaar move on. There are more fish in the sea. You’ll find yours one day.

2. Respectability: Be a gentleman and show some respect. You don’t need to shout at them all the time. Humbleness melts hearts. Work on that. Someone has rightly said, “Respecting women will never be out of fashion. So don’t hesitate and go for it.”

3.  Rudeness: You don’t have to be rude all the time. Women understand your anger but they can’t tolerate rudeness. You need to work on your anger and be soft. Pather nahi hain, insaan hi hai woh bhi.

4. Your ears (No, not literally): Women want you to be a little sensitive and give an ear to what they have to say once in a while. Just listen. It won’t hurt.

5. Gibing: Crying is considered a weakness and is usually associated with the women folk. Men derive pleasure out of it. In a short film directed by Vinil Mathew for the #VogueEmpower, we’re shown “don’t tell boys not to cry” but “tell them, instead, not to make girls/others cry.” Take the message, guys!

Basically, they don’t know how much it helps release tension. It makes them feel alive. Unlike men, they haven’t turned off their emotions. They feel and cry. Learn to be okay with that!

6. Superiority Complex : Men are not perfect. Yes, read it again. And neither are women. I have seen that when a man makes a mistake it’s just a mistake and when a woman does the same, it is this huge blunder that can’t be corrected? Just sit back and give her some time. She’s learning and she’ll do good.

7. Heart (Again, not literally): Love them, sometime. Women aren’t asking you to pamper them all the time. A little appreciation is all they want. A little bit of love, not all the time but sometimes.

8. Stubborness: “Dil ye ziddi hai..ziddi hai..ziddi hai” fits perfectly. One should do things according to their plan as if women can’t plan things right. Arey yaar kabhi mauka de ke toh dekho (Give them a chance once).
All i want to convey is that appreciate the women in your life. Don’t take them for granted. A little bit of love, credit, motivation, respect will make your life beautiful and theirs as well.

If reading this made you feel guilty, then you know what to do. Otherwise, move on and read the next one!

Author: Taiyeba

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