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If You Had to Define Delhi in One-Line


If you had to define Delhi in one line what would it be? We found few lines in which people define Delhi. If you can define Delhi in one line do leave a comment.

Where lifestyle is larger than life, and life is hollow.

delhi in one line

You can see a 6 year old wiping the windows of a Rs. 1 Cr Audi A8 in scorching sun, hoping to get a rupee or 2

delhi in online begging

A spoiled child’s heaven, and a woman’s hell

girl molested in delhi, delhi in one line

Everybody is somebody in Delhi ..nobody is a nobody

delhi rich

Where farmhouse has nothing to do with cattle or farming

delhi farm houses - Define Delhi

Where you overtake everyone from the wrong side and stare into his/her eyes while doing so

delhi rash driving

To each his own

delhi rude racist- Define Delhi

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