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Here’s why India’s best bet is to Let Kashmir Go

So Kashmir is on boil yet again. The same cycle continues,

Army kills Kashmiri> people protest> Army kills more Kashmiris in return> Kashmiri social media goes in mourning and Azadi sentiments are raised>State Government goes in hiding>

Indian Media bluntly ignores the killings of Kashmiris. Below is the screenshot of Times Now. Right now 15 people have died in Kashmir and all you can see on Times Now homepage is Amarnath Yatra Suspended>

times now

Desperate communal people use it to draw mileage P. S This is a blunt lie Kashmir had no mobile service at the time this tweet was done and when yeah you are surrounded  by mobs with stones ,you make a perfect tweet with capital letters, fullstops and fit in your message in exactly 140 characters.  >
rumorFor some its a festival, rejoicing over dead bodies. The below tweet down by Managing Editor, Mail Today with 1700 people retweeting it and 1900 liking it.  Wonder how do these people get so much hate, are they born like this or they learn it!


And she is an anchor for ETV.


Madam by that logic serials blasts done by Kashmiris in New Delhi in late 90s are also justified- if you remain silent on killing of your so called integral people, you are a coward and all you deserve is to bombed? Huh! Please stick to taking selfies anything more than that  of yours is dangerous to society.

Now this doesnt mean all Indians are like this, most of them are not aware of whats happening in Kashmir as their media shows them only well scripted snippets and those who do know the ground reality do show concern. #respect #trueindians

kavitamadhura sudh




But its understandable its not easy to voice what your consciousness  says as  the nation isn’t tolerate now


But whatever, sorry to say that to people who say Kashmir is integral part! No matter how many times you try to hide the reality by giving the count of No. of army men  and Kashmiri pandits killed as an counter argument to massive number of Kashmiris killed, there is no tri color large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.

So lets just be realistic  and accept their is a divide between India and Kashmir.

It might be hard for you to believe  sitting alone on your couch or sofa  that how can so many Kashmiris flock to the funeral of Burhan Wahi ( your terrorist), for this you should go through history of Indian Independence and read about Dandi March, in which 60,000 people were arrested and were mercilessly beaten by  British-led Indian policemen, you are in a similar situation of the likes of any Britisher in UK who would have read about Dandi March in newspaper and got confused and thought all of you as terrorists as you call Kashmiris now.

So point is Kashmiris dont want to be with India. They want Independent Kashmir!  No amount of brutality, money, divide and rule, manufacturing non lethal weapons has taken that sentiment away from them and wont go in future aswell. Restoring to brutality to satisfy collective pride of nation, the pride which is mostly based on thinking of Arnab Goswami or hate mongering social media posts is unfair and goes against teaching of Hinduism leave alone Islam.

So what should India do?

Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it – Ann Landers

So its the right time for India to let go Kashmir. Letting go is hard but it has to happen one day. Those who dont want to be with you, can never be yours, your best bet is to let them go and choose their own destiny.

Why waste so much resources, so many army young army lives, tarnish your image world wide for something that wasnt yours and wont be yours?

And about your concern on what will happen to Kashmir after they get independent. Your answer is here ( So stop worrying what will happen to us, be happy that we wont blame you for whatever happens to us.

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