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“How To Kiss” in India

When you go on google search, and type how to, one of the suggestions it gives you is that how to kiss. I wondered I never searched for this why would it show this suggestion to me. That made me wonder is it like one of the maximum how to searches in India,  and yes it turned out to be true.

The term ” how to kiss” gets an average of 450000 searches in month, this only includes people who spelled how to kiss correctly. Below table shows in descending order the terms related to kiss which people search in India.

Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches 
how to kiss 450000
hot kiss 165000
kissing scenes 90500
kiss images 74000
kissing images 60500
kiss video 33100
lip kiss 27100
how to kiss a girl 22200
kissing games 22200
hot kiss images 22200
how to kiss a boy 18100
kissing videos 14800
kiss image 14800
kiss pic 14800
kissing video 12100
how to kiss video 9900
how to french kiss 9900
kiss photo 9900


The average searches on how to kiss a boy had more than doubled from previous year, while how to kiss a girl remained the same.  While the demand for kissing videos had  doubled from 2014 the search for kissing pictures remained almost same.

Lets look at state-wise, how various states stand against each other on kissing.

State 2014 2015 % Change
Maharastra 60500 74000 22.30%
Karnataka 49500 60500 22.20%
Delhi 33100 49500 49.50%
Tamil Nadu 49500 49500 0%
West Bengal 14800 22200 50%
UP 12100 14800 22.30%
Rajasthan 6600 8100 22.70%


Below table compares India to other countries

Country Searches
India 450000
Pakistan 90500
US 74000
UK 27100
Russia 320


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