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How To Raise A Rapist

1. Treat your boy as prince & girls like slave in front of him.
2. Hit & abuse women in front of him.
3. Keep reminding him that girls are not equal.
4. Give him complete freedom to do anything he wishes.
5. Make female foeticide in family look a normal thing to do.
6. Stop female members of family from working outside, as it’s Men’s job to feed his family.
7. Ignore your boy’s mistakes & school wrong doings, and never punish him.
8. Defend his misbehavior.
9. Take sides of rapist, molesters in front of him & make it look like its always a girl’s fault no matter what.
10. Allow him to disrespect any women, including mother, sister & own family members.
& more such anti-women stuffs, till he reaches the age of puberty, so he would become a fine male chauvinist completely.

This is a sarcastic post. Just look at the same points from a different aspect, you’d do exact opposite to it to make him a good human being.

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