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How lucky are you today? I bet you are equally lucky if you are reading this

If you think you are unhappy what would you say about them

crying for help

You think your salary is low, what about her?

girl begging mumbai

Dont have many friends? You are better than him at-least

alone man no friends

Sad because you couldn’t goto your favorite school. They dint have a choice

school for poor

Your parents care tires you? They don’t have any

orphan india

Fed up of playing same old play-station? They have no options

poor boy playing india

Someone got you Adidas instead of Nike? They have just one brand

poor slippers

We want different delicacies thrice a day? They starve from hunger

poor hungry india

Observe around you and be thankful for whatever you have in this short span of life, we cant afford to cry over stuff we don’t get! Rather we should cherish all that we have. Don’t think how many moments are there in life, think how much life is there in every moment. There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only few will catch your heart.. Pursue those..

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