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Next time you find a fat girl and you over look her. You’re wrong!

Hello Boys,

Are you members of the society who think larger women are not desired, wanted or lusted after? Never dated a fat girl? Well you are missing out.

Here are the benefits of dating a fat chick:

1. They know how to cook: They know how to cook in any style, anything you want to cook they can do. And they never ever forget desserts.

2. They don’t expect you to be perfect either: They are not perfect so you don’t clearly need to have a six pack. They love you for you as long as you love them for them.

3. They have warmth: Its like a heater with them in winter time. Can you handle the cuddles?

4. They wont ask you ” DO I LOOK FAT?” : When they look in mirror they feel they are gorgeous just extra fluffy.

5. You don’t have to worry about money going on designer clothes: Designers don’t make clothes for fat chicks.

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