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Outrageous Sexism Instances that Prevail in India on an Everyday Basis

By Sanira Mediratta

Even in the 21st century, women are looked down upon in India. Will the male dominance ever truly end? When will the women stop being targets of outrageous sexist comments and instances?

India is considered not only a land of various cultures and festivities, it is also referred to as one of the most respected countries. India makes us proud for a million reasons, but today what the question in focus is- Why are the women of the country not respected by their fellow countrymen? Why is that a gender bias exists even today? And most importantly, why are women constantly targeted?

No Country For Women (NCWF) has started various campaigns to shame the dominating males who constantly overpower the females. Here are a few real life stories based on gender discrimination, submitted by them.

my sisters boyfriend

Whatever happened to the right to freedom? No law gives a man permission to act violently against women. Let alone for a baseless reason like this!

when i was 12

The gender discrimination has infected even the little innocent kids nowadays. How are the children expected to have a healthy mind when then have part of such sexist instances at a mere age of 12.

once i was bike with my husband

The lewd and shameful comments men/boys constantly make at girls, have absolutely nothing to with the way the girl is dressed or acts. It is just a result of the filthy minds of the men.

grand mother sexisim

Why is girl child still such a major taboo in India? People need to realize that if it weren’t for women, humankind would have ceased to exist! The birth both the sexes should be celebrated equally; and besides wishing for a boy, people should just wish for a healthy baby!


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