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why mean cheat

8 reasons why men cheat in a relationship

  1. If the partner is annoying and nagging It may seem that they are now living with a completely different person than the one the first became involved with. A male partner may say, “She was so much fun to be around when we first met.

Poonam panday on haww

6 Life Lessons You Should Learn From Poonam Pandey

Began her career as a model, became one of the top 8 contestants of Gladrags – 2010, , appeared on the cover page of the fashion magazine, featured in Kingfisher Calendar 2011 and now “The queen of social media” , she is Poonam Pandey. She

Epic tweets about Kashmir floods

We are all waiting for that one phone call to connect with the voice that would calm our desperate and restless souls. — Muhammad Faysal (@_Faysal) September 9, 2014 A long night ahead. I may be far away from my land, still I could hear

kaise kaise dost

Epic things your dad must have said to you

Your Father probably must have told you many things, here are the few epic things your dad must have said. Aage ka kya soncha hai   Tum Galat Sangat me ho    Kitne paise mangta hai    Padho varna agaye jake chane bhecho gey Ask

pani puri

Pani puri – Things you didn’t know about it

Origin: The pani puri originated from the Magadha region of India, present day South Bihar where it is also known as phulki. [Source wikipedia] Different Names: Pani puri is popularly also known as Gol Gappa. In different places panipuri has different names like Pani-Puri in Maharashtra, Pani Ke Patashe