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“How To Kiss” in India

When you go on google search, and type how to, one of the suggestions it gives you is that how to kiss. I wondered I never searched for this why would it show this suggestion to me. That made me wonder is it like one

My Girlfriend Was Raped When She Was 12

As you must know rape at that age can traumatize anyone! She was no different. During the initial stages of our relationship she was very moody, and very insecure. I always found it draining, I did not break it up because she was so very

Beta Shadi Karlo..Beta Shadi Karlo…WTF

Beta Shadi Karlo..Beta Shadi Karlo …. NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII If you are an Indian and unfortunately in your mid or late 20s  you must have been surely mentally, emotionally, psychologically and publicly harassed by your parents, by your relatives, by your married cousins and also even by your

Meet The Real Life Spiderman

He started climbing from 2006 and has now 9 years experience in rock climbing. He started practicing and creating all these achievements from young age of 9 without the help of any coach. He says he has been inspired by actions of monkeys thats why