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Pani puri – Things you didn’t know about it

Origin: The pani puri originated from the Magadha region of India, present day South Bihar where it is also known as phulki. [Source wikipedia]

Different Names: Pani puri is popularly also known as Gol Gappa. In different places panipuri has different names like Pani-Puri in Maharashtra, Pani Ke Patashe in Haryana, Pani ke bataashe / Patashi in Uttar Pradesh,  Phuchka in West Bengal, Gup chup in Odisha and Pakodi in Gujarat (Don’t mix Pakodi with Pakoda. They are different.)

Boosts Your Mood: It’s always fun to eat this snack and having panipuri can totally refresh your mood. Hanging out with friends or family and gulping down panipoori one after the other is the joyful moment. This is so addictive, you just cannot have enough of it.

Benefits: Pani puri helps to cure mouth ulcers. It also gives you relief from acidity.

Others uses: Pani Puri Margarita, Pani Puri shots

Disadvantage: Most people are surprised to know that Pani Puri can be a source of high fat calories. What’s more, this is not a food of high satiety value; you generally tend to overeat, without realizing you may end up consuming 1,000 calories and still not feel full!

Chatar Patar Foods: Prashant Kulkarni, 27 left his job at infosys and decided to combine his love for pani puri, street food and his MBA. His company ‘Chatar Patar Foods’ is part of a growing network of eateries all over the country with 14 outlets across 6 states

Why do girls love pani puri? Indian girls like pani-puri as most Indians like and also because it can not be prepared by most of them in the kitchen (similar to why North Indians like idlis and south Indians love paneer items).

Girls in India rarely find a valid reason to linger around roadside. Guys smoke, roam or just go on bikes. For a girl gang in sub-urban India panipuri provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the open-air ambience.

Bargain!!, One can always BARGAIN for an Extra-Puri, after you’ve finished off your plate, no other food offers you that liberty! That’s the best part of it all! (Source: biharprabha)

Food is mood and pani puri combines all moods , this video by panipuriclothing proves it.

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