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Shocking Searches About Women in Delhi, Bangalore & Mumbai

We at Hawww wanted  to find out what our society has on mind when they go online to search for women, so we did a research and found  some shocking searches about women.

We conducted the research on 3 major cities: Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Below are the top 10 searches which the users in the mentioned cities have been doing related to women.

P.S: Asterisk * has been  used in some places as some words might be considered unsuitable for children. Unsuitable as in they might get to know what you adults search online 😛

Lets start with Mumbai….

Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches
vag**a 5400
bre*st 4400
women seeking men 2900
womens day 2400
women empowerment 2400
russian women 1600
nak*d women 1600
n*de women 1600
watches for women 1600
most beautiful women 1300

Lets look at Bangalore now

                    Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches (exact match only)
women seeking men 9900
vag**a 8100
bre*st 8100
nak*d 5400
women empowerment 3600
womens day 2900
most beautiful women 2400
nak*d women 2400
women looking for men 1900
n*de women 1900

Lets look at Delhi now

Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches
vag**a 12100
women empowerment 8100
br**st 6600
n*ked 4400
russian women 3600
women seeking men 3600
sexy halloween costumes for women 3600
suits for women 3600
most beautiful women 2900
n*de women 2900
So you might be wondering what to conclude from this research , we here by list 6 insights we got from this research.

1. Delhi and Mumbai’s  number one priority is Vag**as.  Delhi has the  most  desperation  for Vag**as, in short Delhi walas are more “Tharki” . For Bangalore need for Vag**s is not number one priority.

2.  Mumbai likes b**bs the most, then comes Delhi and then Bangalore with least liking for b**bs.

3.  Delhi has no clue what women empowerment  is, that is why 8100 people in Delhi are like wtf is women empowerment. No wonder so many rapes.

4. Delhi likes Russian women twice that of  Mumbai. Bangalore doesn’t fancy Russians neither do Russians fancy them 😛

5. Almost all of Bangalore is looking for women seeking men, what? You guys don’t  like Vag**as nor b**bs neither Russians and still you have cheek to look for woman who is looking for you, no wonder you are always looking.

6. Delhi looks for suits & halloween costumes for women, Mumbai seeks watches for women while Bangalore is just looking for nak*ed women.


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