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Show the Love for your City by joining with these Fab-4&Team!

As kids, we have all been fascinated by colors and the joy they bring with it. Joy as simple as to paint a mountain, a sunrise or a coconut tree : ) Think of times when we held our paint brushes for hours in a row to just draw random stuff for the fun of it. We have slowly moved on with other priorities in life and the only other time colors have a profound impact in our lives is when we choose to paint the walls of our newly built home!

Meet the Fabulous Four-who made news painting their home-well, an extended one though. Namrata Ramaratnam , Tejas Ramaratnam , Hari Haran B. and Eshwar Kaushik were found cleaning the mess at the Sringeri Mutt Road in Mandaveli early in the morning before they dipped their huge brushes into buckets of paint and started to draw random patterns in the public wall-All to show their love for Chennai or what they fondly call their home. It took a while for the curious bystanders to understand the message these folks sent, or rather drew. Their art wasn’t really meant to say anything big but their message is-Strong, loud and clear-To stop the filth.

i am madras

What started as a small initiative has slowly become a movement of sorts with requests coming in from cities other than Chennai to paint the walls in their places as well. As with Chennai, Mandaiveli, Egmore and Guindy stands testimony to their work of art and the list is growing. The movement has received tremendous response and has been welcomed by civic authorities, art patrons and locals alike.

In appreciation to their work, they were invited to be a part of the ‘Conquer the Concrete’ campaign, a maiden venture towards a movement of street art. The rationale of this campaign, they say, is,” to make art accessible by showcasing it in the heart of the city thereby transforming the places of interaction into new meaningful social spheres; to create publicity and awareness for civic participation in the public realm and to reach a broader public that doesn’t, usually, frequent galleries or museums”. The PaintBox has also started poetry reading sessions near the walls they have beautified. A graphic designer and a PR professional in the team sure did help but the team’s common love for its city and street art surely did help more.Why wait for someone else to make our city beautiful, they rightly ask!

A lot of enthusiasts have joined them to support the cause and the team is very happy about it. Bystanders halt and look for a minute to appreciate these graffiti across these walls. And there is absolutely no filth around that place. Mission accomplished, pretty much, ain’t it?

Genre, palette, technique, and even style does not matter much to them. But your support does. Grab your paint brushes and show the world your cool Graffiti now. Get hold of them at

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