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Need a son-in-law for your parents? This is an interesting way of getting them one.

Are you in 20+ age group? Are your parents looking for a groom? Are you tired of meeting guys who are nowhere near your expectations? Forget or other matrimonial sites, there is a new way that’ll help you find your better half. It’s time to stop waiting for Prince Charming. Get up and find him. The poor idiot maybe stuck in a tree or something.

We bring to you Induja Pillai’s quirky and stereotype breaking post about the kind of husband she wants and the kind of marriage she’s looking forward to. Straightforward and crystal clear.

induja pillai 1

induja pillai 2


induja pillai3


Yeah, she’s done something different. It’s time for you to step forward and get what you desire and deserve. Good luck! Get arranged to your love 😉

Check her Post and and the story behind the post.

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