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Would You Stay With Your Partner if He Were A Sex Addict?

Story 1 – Wounds Still Remain

sad 1

Being married for 8 years, 4 years ago my husband admitted to sleeping with prostitutes and strippers, during the first  years of my marriage including during both my pregnancies. He confessed everything after i caught him trying to send a photo of his penis to some stranger via email.

My husband did take responsibility and showed great willingness to recover, but the magic or the relationship we once shared has gone, for me.

Story 2 – Still in Shock

sad 2

I met my husband 2 years ago, quickly fell in love and got married. He would leave flowers on my doorstep, pick me from work, take me out all the time.I met all his friends and loved them all.He could charm everyone.

Then 2 weeks ago, i came home only to see him quickly turn off his phone. On a gut feel, i went to his email account the same night, i found emails/ text messages sent to local escorts. I felt sick in my stomach, woke him up to confront him, “Are you cheating on me”. He kept denying but at last muttered “I have a problem….”

I went to my parent’s house, puked, cried, puked more. How could something so perfect be so horribly f****d up!

We are currently separated.

Story 3 – Hurt and In Love

sad 3

I am 20 yrs old and just found that my fiance is a sex addict. 2 days after our engagement i found that he had relations with a friend’s girlfriend. his addiction mostly consisted of masturbating, chatting with girls online, sending them nude pictures etc. When i first found out, i was a mess. He begged me to stay and promised it wont happen again, and i love him too dearly and cant even think of living without him.

2 Months later, while i was hoping things were ok, my friend called telling me he was chatting with her last night, asked her to send him pictures. Upon haunch i checked his messages, which he was sending to various girls, asking them their number, nude pictures, begging to meet them while telling them what a horny boy he was.

I know i have been lied to and hurt beyond imagination, but i know he truly loves me,and makes me whole. I told myself i would try and try till i no more can, but there’s no way in hell i am giving up on him till he gives up on himself!

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Maulshree Tewari

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