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The Harsh Truths About Marriage All Girls Need To Know

Every girl fantasizes about her marriage not only a year before her wedding but since she is five years old. She believes marriage is a fairy tale with a happily ever after. Little does she know that whatever she believed it to be, it’s usually the opposite. Although it has its perks, it’s no piece of cake either. As they say, “Shadi hai..bachon ka khel nahi hai.” (Marriage is no child’s play).

marriage invent

Here are 5 harsh truths about marriage that will blow your mind.

1. Compromise: Marriage is all about compromises. It’s a give and take relationship. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s some serious business. Compromises move you along. You can’t only think about yourself. There’s no “Me” in a marriage. The relationship comes first. And that’s going to suck at times.

Marraige Compromise

2. Sacrifice: Sacrifice is what we do for people we love. If you want it to work, you’ll have to sacrifice your dreams and desires every now and then. You’ll face a hard time handling his ego issues. And get used to NOT being acknowledged in return. Yeah, that hurts!Marriage compromise

3. Liabilities: Marriage is not just about love. With love comes responsibilities – a lot of them. And struggle to live up to the expectations of the family.You don’t have a social life. It’s all about “him”, “his” family, “his” friends and “his” relatives. Get used to it!

marriage liability

4. Say Bye Bye To Freedom: We all like to think that our life will get better after marriage. Truth is, if you want it to get better you’ll have to lose the thing you once cherished – your freedom. Ask before you do anything. Ask before planning. Ask for permissions. Ask! Nobody likes that.

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5. Trust: Trust is kind of a big deal in every relationship. It’s at a very high risk in a marriage. Once you lose trust in your partner, no matter what, it will never be re-gained. The betrayal isn’t healable. You become this stone-hearted, cold person. You’ll never trust again, EVER!

Marriage trust

To all the single ladies out there, don’t worry if you are alone. The worry only begins when you get attached to someone. Stay single till you find someone really AWESOME to change that. 😉

Marriage awesome


Author: Taiyeba

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