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These are the Things that Will Give You Deepest Emotional Pain


If you or someone you know is diagnosed of cancer you will suffer from deepest emotional feelings of pain/empathy.

You would have all of the issues to deal with, not just being sick but just trying to make it through every day, trying to function at work, trying to keep it together and just all of the weight coming down on your shoulders thinking of death.


It would be  invisible. It would be  silent and it would be massive. This makes you feel your life isn’t worth living. Its like like a very very dark cloud which is hanging all the time over you, your every decision and action.

Doing simple things in life becomes very difficult, Talking to anyone become exhausting. All you would want to do is to hide from the world.

A total fucked up situation.


Can you imagine how tough is it when you find out your partner is cheating on you? All you would is to try to understand how he/she changed so drastically and so quickly, to become a person you hardly even recognize. All the unwanted images which your mind forms either while awake or in the form of nightmares will drive your crazy and emotionally overburdened.


When someone you know commits a suicide and you hear the news all you would do is shrieking and wailing. You would have such an intense physical sensation that you would feel your head might explode, your blood will fell like it is pounding through your veins in chunks. Your chest will feel like a vacuum.


When you know you are causing pain and hurting some one who loves you, all you would feel is wretched and rotten. Its like your shadow always running behind you, you can not hide from it and that’s when you fall into the what if game.


Death in any which form it comes to your loves ones, you will be devastated. This will leave a hole in you for a long time which is very hard to fill.

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