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The Top 4 Incredible Mysteries of INDIA

By Sidharth Kriplani

1. The 9 Unknown Men

The most secretive and mysterious society ever formed. More intriguing than even the Illuminati perhaps, this dates back to the time of emperor Ashoka. It was formed after he had fought a war with the kalingas in which around 100,000 men were slain. Seeing so much bloodshed, Ashoka had a change at heart and he decided to turn into a hero, and started following Buddhism. Wise man as he was, using his wisdom he realized that the man’s intelligence, scientific and technological breakthroughs were often put to evil uses. This led to the formation of these 9 unknown brilliant men whose sole job is to preserve and develop the sort of secret information that would be too dangerous in the hands of the uninitiated. Strangely though, not all of the members are Indians. They are rumoured to be spread all over the globe and some even hold prominent positions. Though I would have placed it at number 2, it remains the most intriguing mysteries of India.

The 9 unknown men

2. The Kongka la Pass in Himalayas (UFO Base)

This area is one of the least accessible areas in the world and by mutual agreement, the two countries China and India do not patrol it, although both keep an eye on it. The Buddhist monks and the local people of Ladakh, the Indian and the Chinese Army who maintain the line of control report of the mysteries the underground of that area holds, like UFOs coming from the underground. It is believed by the locals that their is an underground UFO base with the knowledge of both the Chinese and the Indian government. No one is allowed to go and explore into the deep.

The Kongka la Pass in Himalayas (UFO Base)


3. The Aleya Ghost Lights

Will-o’-the-Wisps are lights hovering over swamps and if you were to ever visit Bengal’s swamps which are already dangerous, then you are in for a scare. You will get to experience something like the paranormal movies; flickering lights like lanterns which lure you to come towards them, and wander away from the safe path. According to local lore, they’re the souls of fishermen who died accidentally in the area, and anyone who is stupid or careless enough to approach them either dies or goes irrevocably insane.

Will-o’-the-Wisps are caused by burning gases—called “swamp gas” or “marsh gas”—that develops from the breakdown of organic matter in persistently wet areas. The movement of the wisps is usually disregarded and it is explained that the gases disperse when approached because of the movement in the air.

The Aleya ghost lights


4. An Indian had already made the World’s first air plane 8 years before the Wright brothers did

According to certain aged articles from The Times of India and the Deccan Herald, Shivkar Babuji Talpade from Maharashtra was the first ever person to have invented a plane and he even flew it for some time before it eventually crashed. This was done almost a decade ahead of the Wright Brother’s invention. He had said that he had obtained the design from his guru and that the plane also had a mercury ion engine. Reason why he is not credited for his achievements is because he didn’t have enough funds.

Indian had already made


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