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Types of Women You Should Think Twice Before Dating

We meet many women as we live our life. We date few, befriend some and let many in your life just be as Others.  The women we date have major impact on our lives, as you will agree on this, so next time you plan to date someone check the list below to see if they fall in one of the below categories. If they do, it is better for your well being to avoid them.

  1.  Women who lie to someone else in-front of you.

No matter how much you like her, no matter how much you think she likes you, no matter how much she tells you she is lying for both of you, if she lies to someone else be assured she will lie to you too someday.

2. Women who make you do things you dont feel are right.

As long as your partner does not make you want to be a good person in life, neither your life will be well spent nor will you ever feel happy. If a women makes you do things according to her own beliefs keeping on sidelines your judgment of right and wrong, she is not good for you.

3. Women who disrespect you

Disrespect you here means disrespecting things that make you, like your job, personality, religion, family or your beliefs. If she cant respect what makes you, you will surprised to see how often she breaks you.

4. Women who compares you to others

In fights people say and do things to demean each other, some people carry grudge of it for a while others carry it for years but eventually it is all forgotten. But its not easy to forget when someone tries to demean you by comparing you to someone else.  You will carry this burden always with you that she compared you to someone.

5. Women who make you pay for your mistake

We all are humans, we do mistakes. Important thing is if you are apologetic about those mistakes and are trying to learn from them, a true partner will understand that and will give you atleast a chance. But if she instead takes a dagger and puts it in your back while your bent down for forgiveness, you know what to do, just run as fast as you can away from her.

6. Women who are never sorry

You might be one of them who likes giving chances after chances but mate if she is not apologetic even an ounce of what she made you go through no point of sticking around. You can only if you are wanting  your self respect to be shattered to core.

7. Women who make men fall for them while telling themselves they are just friends

We all need friends to vent out our frustrations and do things what we do with friends.. thats fair!  but if she befriends just men and does things or shares things with them which people in relationship only do, then something is wrong with her not you. Such women somehow make themselves believe that they are not wrong.  They put all blame on their so called friend partner of all emotional mess that appears in the so called friendship.

8. Women who accept seeing you in tears

If you can recall a moment with her when you wanted her to feel the pain you were feeling or wanted her to see the tears in your eyes but instead in that moment she wanted to be not with you but somewhere else and  you could see the happiness on her as thoughts of her being with someone else passed her mind. Mate its time to her go. She was never yours nor will ever be. You will surely find someone who will sit there  with you, wipe your tears off and make you smile.

Go out there! There are many other beautiful souls around. Your one is thinking about you somewhere right now, so have patience and enjoy singlehood till you find  her.




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