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8 Unusual Book Designs That Will Take You by Surprise!

By Sanira Mendiratta

Here is a list of crazy and unusual book designs that will take you by surprise and make you wonder about the extent of human imaginations and expressions. From edible to aromatic, these books are bound to leave you in awe!

Books are a source of penning one’s thoughts and imaginations, and providing an insight into a whole different world. Be it the vivid topics that they are about or just the way in which they are written; books never cease to amaze. While everyone loves to read different kinds of books, there are a few that are just a bit too ‘different’ for even a person’s wildest dreams. These books physically portray what lies within them. Don’t believe it? Well, see for yourself, the extent to which people can go with them, and you are sure to be amazed by what you see.

Mirror Book

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A book that is completely made of mirror, both on the inside and the outside! Written, or shall we say made by John Christie and Ron King in 1985, this book stays true to its name and comes along with a pair of gloves to prevent smudges. It tends to serve the purpose of discovering oneself through the reflection of hands and faces in the mirrors. Crazy is the word to describe this one!

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