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Why shutting down the Myntra Website is a Bad Idea.

On May 1, Myntra will go mobile-only and shut down its website. This is a bad idea. It’s annoying when a webpage shows a pop to download an app, now imagine having to DOWNLOAD an app just to browse the site. Myntra is turning its customers away with this decision.
Here are 5 reasons why I think it’s a bad idea:
1. Everyone might not have a Smartphone. Even if people own Smartphone, internal memory is limited, why force people to download an app that they will rarely use?

2. Shopping on the desktop is comforting; one can see pictures clearly on the website than on the App. Visual presentation is better on website.

3. On desktop, one can open multiple tabs to read reviews, search for more details of the product, check price on other sites. Dude! This compulsion of users to go app only is utterly ridiculous.


4. Indians are NOT impulsive buyers, many of them surf a lot of websites before buying. If a person is just browsing and Myntra asks to download the App, just to browse the collection, they will lose this traffic, and people will prefer other sites which don’t have these perquisites.

windowshopping myntra
5. And last but not the least, I like shopping on the desktop. It’s my CHOICE, whether I want to shop on desktop or Mobile, why force me to download something that I don’t want to?

Myntra App force
This move by Myntra, is it some strategic angle or bad consumer research? A mistake or auguring a new era? Only time will decide.

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