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World’s Weirdest Restaurants

By Sanira Mediratta.

Who doesn’t like dining in a pretty restaurant? Being surrounded by an appealing ambience is what adds to the experience of mouth-watering dishes.

Well, while a list of such restaurants is unending; here’s a list of some weirdest restaurants that are based on weird themes and will blow your mind!

Modern Toilet- Taipei, Taiwan

World’s Weirdest Restaurants

Generally the concept of eating is far distinguished from the use of a restroom, isn’t it? Here at the Modern Toilet the concepts are clearly mixed. You might be surprised to see people seated on toilet stools, but wait till you see in what shape the food is served!

Twin Stars Diner- Moscow, Russia

Twin Stars Diner- Moscow, Russia - World’s Weirdest Restaurants

This restaurant in Moscow is literally famous for its twins! Whether they are chefs, bartenders or waiters all of them are accompanied by an identical twin in the exact same outfit.

Barbie Restaurant-Taipei, Taiwan

Barbie Restaurant-Taipei, Taiwan - World’s Weirdest Restaurants

The Barbie themed restaurant is complete with pink surroundings, Barbie-like waitresses and even Barbie inspired food. This place ought to be every little girl’s dream, right?

The Heart Attack Grill- Las Vegas, US

The Heart Attack Grill- Las Vegas, US - World’s Weirdest Restaurants

Known for humongous sized burgers, shakes…everything! The ironic part is that all the workers are dressed up as doctors, nurses or surgeons. And oh, if you have eaten too much they will even be kind enough to take you out on a wheelchair!

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant-Volterra, Italy

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant-Volterra, Italy

One of the most sought after dining places, this restaurant is always jam packed. Over here, you have to pay for the jail experience! The food is also served by inmates and plastic cutlery is used. Sounds interesting, right?

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